Basic Training Class

graduate_1K9 Healers teaches rewards based training method because it teaches the owner to read their dog and helps to form a bond of understanding. K9 Healers also encourages students to bring their family members to the classes to watch the classes so they can learn what the proper techniques are to help train their new family companion. Gail believes that classes can help people understand their canine companions and strengthen the bond between them for the time they are together. What makes K9 Healers unique is that the classes are taught in Nursing Homes which brings to community into the facility as well as allowing the Residents to see and talk about dogs and former pets. This is a winning combination for students as well as the residents of the facilities. Our classes are fun and motivational for everyone involved.

resident2The classes are 8 weeks long for dogs that are appropriate to train in a residential facility. K-9 Healers classes are held in Long-term Care Facilities.

The fee for the 8 weeks of class is $110.00. Once enrolled in class you will be given a training workbook. Please bring your clean dog on a flat buckle collar with a 6 foot cotton or nylon leash, a fanny pack/treat bag, and soft, bite-sized treats. We suggest hot dogs, cheese, cooked pasta, etc.

k9_12aDog training should be fun for both you and your dog. You will teach your dog how to heel on a loose leash, come when called, to sit and lay down on cue, and how to behave appropriately in public. Our class will increase the relationship between you and your dog, and the Residents enjoy watching the training process!

buddyDog training classes are offered in long-term care facilities. This allows the team to train amidst adaptive equipment and allows the residents to enjoy the community and their dogs.

For more information about classes please contact Gail Furst at (585)429-0776.


Advanced Dog Training Class

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