Level 2 Class

therapy_dogLevel 2 is preparation for the Canine Good Citizen test and/or evaluation for Pet Connections registration http://www.mypetconnections.org  or Therapy Dog International registration

The Canine Good Citizen is a program started by the American Kennel Club to award dogs who have good manners at home and in the community. This program stresses responsible ownership by the owner and good manners by the dog.

This Level 2 class will help you practice the skills necessary for evaluation and prepare you and your dog for facility visits. You will have the opportunity to visit the residents in the long term care facilities where the class is taught.

We will discuss the different types of populations you may visit and different activities you may offer them when visiting with your dog.

resident2The classes are 8 weeks long. K-9 Healers classes are held in Long-term Care Facilities.

The fee for the 8 weeks of class is $110.00. Once enrolled in class you will be given a training workbook. Please bring your clean dog on a flat buckle collar with a 6 foot cotton or nylon leash, a fanny pack/treat bag, and soft, bite-sized treats. We suggest hot dogs, cheese, cooked pasta, etc.

Dog training classes are offered in long-term care facilities. This allows the team to train amidst adaptive equipment and allows the residents to enjoy the community and their dogs.

For more information about classes please contact Gail Furst at (585)429-0776.


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