Here are some comments/events from students who have taken classes with K-9 Healers.

lukasI am proud to share with you that Lukas has been a great success as a TDI dog. We volunteer with my church Visitation Team going to local facilities. He is indeed that magnet that draws so much attention from everyone with his unusual color and breed. It has been so rewarding.

I think of you often. We will approach a hallway full of wheelchairs lined up against the walls whose occupants are slumped low as if in sleep, but as soon as they become aware that Lukas is there, like marionettes, they come to life and engage with us. What a blessing.

Thank you for your encouragement and guidance, and for your dedication to this cause.

I hold firm to my belief that dogs are God’s little gifts, mere icons of His love for us.

Deb Curtis

This class was wonderful! Instructors were all very helpful. Instructor/student ratio was great for individual attention. The encouragement with difficult situations was very helpful. Cinder loved coming to class.

We enjoyed the low key accepting atmosphere. We brought our dog hoping to get him socialized with other dogs and people. We felt that was accomplished. The initial packet of information was helpful-we will continue to work on the things taught in class. Thank you for your guidance and patience!

I was shopping at Pittsford Plaza last month and walked over to say hello to a very well-behaved and incredibly beautiful dog who was sitting with his owner on a bench just outside a busy store. The silver haired labradoodle named Harley was a student of yours!!! His owner had wonderful things to say about you and your classes!!!

Harley, is a incredible ambassador of your work!

We had a great time in class again even though it has been three years since we last came. Natasha has come such a long way we were worried about her for a while there! I wouldn’t change a thing in your classes. Maybe someday soon we’ll be back with another. Thanks so much.

What a unique and enjoyable experience having class in a nursing home. I knew right away that K-9 Healers was the perfect fit for my lab Nellie and me to prepare for therapy work. It was great having access to a trio of instructors for problem-solving. Their understanding and patient approach respected each dog’s personality and each handler’s capability. I could not have done it without them!

Barbara Burkhardt, CSW and Nellie

I first met Gail in 1991 during a CGC evaluation for ex-racing greyhounds. At that time, I was directing the adoption activity for placing these dogs into pet homes in the Rochester, NY area. Gail and I collaborated on many greyhound placements which always included behavioral programs for acclimating ‘hounds into homes, and I have always found Gail’s professional “dog ethic” to be exceptional. I have taken K9 Healer classes with Gail and Marnie, and have been a part of their evaluation teams for both CGC and TDI evaluations.

I find that K9 Healer classes are unique in approach: instructors include explanations for what they are teaching with each specific action they teach, so that participants know what to do and why they are doing it. Problem solving is an integral part of what they teach. Given all that I’ve done in almost 20 years with dogs, K-9 Healers is the BEST investment for puppies, adolescent, adult, and senior dogs, and their owners.

Kathy Porter (585)-377-6815

watson2This program was and is a godsend to me and my dog, Watson. He now has a purpose in his life and he’s also a much happier dog.

When I first started the classes, he was not well socialized, in spite of being trained since he was 11 weeks old. But he now is a Therapy Dog and we visit Fairport Baptist Home every week ——–he’s always a gentleman.

Past student

I’d never even heard of pet therapy until I took the CGC test with Toby at a fun match. Marnie gave me a TDI leaflet and asked me to consider it. I ended up putting both of our Shelties through the course. I thoroughly enjoyed the lessons. Your love of dogs and expertise in their training was obvious at every class.

Having the lessons at the nursing home was an invaluable experience. I had no idea how much a simple thing like petting a dog would mean to some of the residents. The looks of pure joy when they pet my dogs and the wonderful stories they tell me about their own pets make every visit special.

I’ve been visiting the nursing home for over a year with Toby. I have one lady who says “It must be Monday, Toby’s here!” every time I visit. It’s not just the residents that enjoy our visits. Many of the staff stop and pet my dogs and talk for a while, too. I would encourage anybody that loves their dog and wants to do something special with it to contact K-9 Healers. The name says it all.

Cindy Warner (and Toby & Patriot)

Before we came to K-9 Healers, Timber was jumping on everything, barking at everything, pulling when we walked, eating out of the garbage, our drawers, our sink… everything! Wewere at a loss and, not to mention, very tired!

Gail and Marnie were our third trainers and the moment Timber saw them, we knew they were special. He was atease with them and so were we. We are now in our third class with K-9 Healers and the improvement is astonishing! Timber is calm and cuddly. He walks by our side, listens to us and loves the attention he gets while training. He is notbored anymore and hardly gets into anything! He is improving every day we work with him.

Thank you Gail, Marnie and Jen for the peaceful and content life you have given us all

Jess, Mark & Timber

trazThe outstanding trainers of K9 Healer’s have been a tremendous help in training training my energetic Great Dane to become a gentleman and earn his CGC(Canine Good Citizenship Award).>

The patience and kindness of the K9 Healer’s encouraged us to become a viable working therapy team. We continue to visit residents at the Fairport Baptist Home where smiles, laughter and outstreched hands are always waiting for my now very gentle giant.

Traz holds his TDI, TDIA, and hopefully to come, his TDIAOV (with 150 documented visits).

Joyce Carr

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