Building on your basic training skills!

Learning beyond the basics.

Intermediate Training Class

Length:  7 weeks
Cost:  $120
Schedule:  Wednesday nights, 7:00 – 8:00pm
Location:  The Homestead at Soldiers & Sailors Hospital in Penn Yan


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Our Intermediate Training Class prepares your dog for:

For more information about AKC Canine Good Citizen Certification, visit


In the Intermediate Class we will build on the skills you learned in our Basic training class.  Intermediate class is lively and more challenging.  Interaction with the residents, the adaptive equipment and the environment is built into our class curriculum.

We continue to teach our rewards based training method using less food rewards, replacing our food rewards with verbal praise.

The Intermediate Class will build in distance, duration and distraction to your basic training.  You and your dog will learn how to train in more distracting conditions.  We will add distance and duration to your sit and down exercises, your dog will learn to focus on you when walking on a loose leash even when walking through a crowd.

The classes are 7 weeks long for dogs that are appropriate to train in a residential facility. K-9 Healers classes are held in Long-term Care Facilities.

The fee for the 7 weeks of class is $120.00. Please bring your clean dog on a flat buckle collar with a 6 foot cotton or nylon leash, a fanny pack/treat bag, and soft, bite-sized treats. We suggest hot dogs, cheese, cooked pasta, etc.

For more information about classes please contact Gail Furst at (585) 429 – 0776.