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Therapy Dog Training

Therapy dog preparation is given as part of our Intermediate Training class for those interested.  Please register for that class if you’d like your dog to take part!

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Our Therapy Dog Training Class prepares your dog for:

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Animal Assisted Interventions (pet therapy) is a service that is provided by people and their registered animals. Studies have shown that a patient’s blood pressure is lowered and the immune system is strengthened when interacting with companion animal. Residents in long term care facilities become bored and lonely. Animal visits lift the spirits and in some cases eliminate or reduce the use of psychotropic drugs.
Therapy dogs with advanced training can also work side by side occupational and physical therapists to help clients achieve their goals (Animal Assisted Therapy).  These dogs lend their special talents to make therapy sessions more fun and creative, while therapists are ensuring these sessions are also medically effective.
Sessions are tailored to a client’s individual needs, including improving strength.balance, fine-motor skills, endurance, cognitive skills, including memory,  or other goals. Dogs provide the love. Studies have shown that when clients find meaning in the work they do, they are more likely to achieve success.

For more information about K-9 Healers, Animal Assisted Interventions, Dog Training, Pet Connections and/or setting up Guidelines for having animals visit your facility please feel free to contact Gail Furst at (585) 429 – 0776 or email