Building positive relationships between dogs & their people through training and education.


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Build a positive and lasting relationship with your special dog.

Helping you start off on the right paw with your dog.

K-9 Healers offers general training classes to help your dog become a welcome member of your family and your community.  Using positive, reward based methods you will learn how to teach your dog to sit, settle, lay down, walk on a loose leash, meet and greet other dogs, say hello to your friends politely, come to you when called and much more.

Train your dog to help others too.

Therapy dog is a service that is provided by people and their registered animals. Studies have shown that a patient’s blood pressure is lowered and the immune system is strengthened when interacting with companion animal. Residents in long term care facilities become bored and lonely. Animal visits lift the spirits and in some cases eliminate or reduce the need for psychotropic drugs.

We specialize in therapy dog training.  We teach handlers the skills necessary to provide safe and skilled animal assisted visits beginning with dog training classes and/or leading to certification of the handler-animal team.

Fresh.  Healthy. Balanced.

A quality relationship with your dog begins with feeding them properly.  Just like us, dogs need a diet of high quality, whole foods to keep them at their best.  The folks over at Volhard Dog Nutrition offer up some of the best dog foods on the market today.  Their healthy pet food products have been developed for pet owners who only want the best for their dogs, and who want them to live long and healthy lives.  Their products have been clinically tested always have your pet’s health as their #1 priority.

I feed my own dogs Volhard Dog Nutrition & I am proud to be a Volhard Dog Nutrition National Affiliate and to recommend these products to all dog owners

For more information or to shop products, visit Volhard Dog Nutrition today.