Start building a positive
relationship with your dog.

Personalized Beyond Dog Training in the Finger Lakes

About K-9 Healers

K-9 Healers is a professional dog training business founded by Gail Furst. K-9 Healers has successfully trained a wide range of dog breeds and skill levels and has developed various animal-assisted interventions for local hospitals, schools, and long-term care facilities. K9 Healers is dedicated to bringing as much joy and comfort to both people and their dogs as possible, and looks forward to doing the same for you!

Positive Reinforcement Training

K-9 Healers believes dog training should be fun, rewarding and mutually respectful for both you and your dog. You’ll develop trust and obedience without dominance through one-on-one training and education.

While all lessons are specifically tailored to the skill levels and goals of each dog and owner, they all focus on rewards-based positive reinforcement training only. Harsh or forceful training methods are never used. 

Quality Nutrition

K-9 Healers believes that a quality relationship with your dog begins with proper nutrition. Just like humans, dogs need a diet filled with whole foods and nutrients. That’s why Gail is proud to support Volhard Dog Nutrition as a national affiliate. She feeds her own dogs Volhard and recommends its products to all dog owners.

Volhard food products were developed for pet owners who only want the best long and healthy lives for their dogs. The products have been clinically tested with your pet’s health always being the top priority.